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The company is a leading designer and fabricator of architectural metal, storefront products, louvers, and convector enclosures. The company’s skilled team fabricates and installs custom products for architects, general contractors, and individual customers.
Key Aspects

Adjusted EBITDA grew at a a compound annual growth rate of 4% from 2019 to 2022, with an average gross profit margin of 15.5% in the same period
Management notes that 95% of 2022 revenue came from repeat customers
Contracted backlog over $12M as of December 2022
In operation for over 50 years at the same location
Longstanding relationships with large national construction firms and suppliers, some spanning 30 years
The company is equipped to fabricate and install a wide range of custom architectural metal products


Expand the geographical area in which architectural metals and storefront products are offered
Bring powder coating in house to reduce production time and increase quality control
Cross-market perforated grilles as exterior cladding to expand customer base

Current Markets

The company primarily serves the construction, architecture, and residential markets throughout the Northeast US
Convector enclosures and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) grilles are shipped to customers nationwide

Real Estate

The company operates from two facilities totaling 40,300 ft. that is owned by an affiliated entity
The operating facilities are not included in the sale of the company, but the owner is open to entering into a long-term lease for both facilities

Shareholder Objectives

The company is owned by a single shareholder who would like to pursue retirement
The owner is willing to remain with the company for a predetermined period to facilitate a smooth transition to new ownership

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