Asphalt Sealing Biz 10% Down net $110k

Price: $300,000

Revenue: $110,471

Cashflow: $372,721

This business has been pre-qualified for a loan with buyer only needing 10%
down ($30,000). Buyer would take home after paying debt service $67,000. Buyer
would earn their down deposit back within 5.5 months!
This is a premier asphalt maintenance company with a great track
record. They provide asphalt maintenance services to businesses and residences
including sealcoating, hot crack repair, and asphalt patch repairs. They are
known for their high quality service and customer satisfaction with 58 5-star
reviews online, and not a single poor review. They have built a blueprint that
will allow any buyer to step in and start making money through our detailed
customer list, proven processes layout from acquiring new customers to the end
of the completed job, their blueprint for operational execution, industry
knowledge, and relationships with suppliers and large repeat customers. 
-Buyer will make money immediately
-Inherit a high-quality brand with 58 5-star reviews, industry knowledge and
-Growth opportunity is through the roof as we currently spend no money on
active marketing
-Their blueprint is easy to understand, replicate and train. This is
driveway painting with nuances
-They have every barrier to entry in this space: machinery, industry
knowledge, and relationships. They have an answer to any question a customer or
prospective buyer might have
-Their financial growth YOY is consistent, and this year will finish 10-20%
without implementing any growth opportunities

Link to deal: here

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