Investment Opportunity in Game-Changing AI Technology for Non-Invasive Multi-Cancer Early Detection

Price: nan Revenue: nan Cashflow: nan American Healthcare Capital is thrilled to serve as the representative for a cutting-edge, highly specialized medical lab that has an unmatched, pioneering technique for detecting cancer early on, long before any signs or symptoms materialize. The Company is poised to transform the fight against cancer, with the potential to […]

Established Tree Trimming & Landscaping Business

Price: $ 699,000 Cashflow: $ 383,000 Ebitda: $ 158,982 This Company was founded in 1999 and covers west Broward County/Fort Lauderdale. They offer tree trimming, sales, and maintenance service as well as basic landscaping and design. Recurring long-term contracts in place and additional contracts coming this year. There is $389k in market value equipment and […]