Investment Opportunity in Game-Changing AI Technology for Non-Invasive Multi-Cancer Early Detection

Price: nan Revenue: nan Cashflow: nan American Healthcare Capital is thrilled to serve as the representative for a cutting-edge, highly specialized medical lab that has an unmatched, pioneering technique for detecting cancer early on, long before any signs or symptoms materialize. The Company is poised to transform the fight against cancer, with the potential to […]

S. FL’s Full Service Marketing, Advertising & Public Relations Agency

Price: nan Revenue: $1,900,000 Ebitda: $688,000 Founded in 1993, the business is a full service marketing, public relations and advertising agency. The Company has represented over 30 major clients in the South Florida area. The Company handles strategic communications, advertising, marketing and outreach services for government agencies, large corporations, small businesses, civic groups, non-profits, individuals, […]

Manufacturer of Lighting Fixtures and Ceiling Fans

Price: nan Revenue: $12,000,000 Ebitda: $2,966,000 The Company is a distributor of lighting and ceiling fan packages for multifamily and single-family renovation projects. The Company specializes and focuses on high volume lighting, ceiling fans, and replacement parts. The Company’s products are innovative, and energy efficient. The Company’s mission is to illuminate and elevate living spaces […]

Distribution of Bingo Equipment & Supplies & Discount Book Wholesaler

Price: nan Revenue: $2,700,000 Ebitda: $569,000 Comprised of two companies operating semi independently, or collectively as the “Company” has served as a wholesale and retail distributor of books, bingo supplies, and equipment for close to 30 years. With two distinct product offerings, the companies have separate operations with the exception of some administrative functions. The […]

eCommerce Brand | Custom Name Stamps Specialized for Apparel | Low Competition | 143,000+ Instagram Followers | $48 AOV

Price: $ 1,400,000 Revenue: $ 4,449,636 Cashflow: $ 506,076 Website Closers® presents an eCommerce brand that has innovatively addressed a common problem that parents of young children face. The standout product, a personalized stamp designed to label clothing or possessions to prevent loss or misplacement, has gained immense popularity. Subsequently, the brand has captivated a […]