Architectural Metals Fabrication Company – BN000040955

Price:nan Revenue$14,776,000 Ebitda$561,000 The company is a leading designer and fabricator of architectural metal, storefront products, louvers, and convector enclosures. The company’s skilled team fabricates and installs custom products for architects, general contractors, and individual customers. Key Aspects Adjusted EBITDA grew at a a compound annual growth rate of 4% from 2019 to 2022, with […]

Powder Coating, Hydrographic, Design & Fabrication – Equipment

Price:$690,000 Revenue$1,653,352 Cashflow$145,643 Well-established Powder Coating – Hydrographics, design, and fabrication of large ovens, gas, and electric. The business transitioned from powder coating & hydrographics to the design and fabrication of industrial ovens and other equipment. The company also sells different equipment items such as – Industrial ovens for powder coating, paint drying, paint booth […]

Water and Wastewater Treatment Heavy Construction Contractor

Price:$6,000,000 Revenue$21,000,000 Cashflow$1,000,000 This well-established General Contractor is located in Dallas, Texas. The business specializes in a comprehensive range of services related to water and wastewater treatment solutions. It offers rehabilitation services for water treatment plants, wastewater treatment plants, lift stations, pump stations, and transfer stations. The business also specializes in constructing new water treatment […]

Industrial Tube Fitting Supplier for sale includes Real Estate

Price:$8,500,000 Revenue$4,100,000 Cashflow$1,100,000 Very profitable, a well-established 40-year-old supplier of industrial tube fittings. Typical end clients include nationwide Chemical and Petrochemical Plants. Product categories include tube fittings, filters, tubing, valves, sealants, tubing clamps, and leak detectors. Inventory: $1,600,000 (Included in Price) Real Estate: $2,500,000 (Included in Price)

Industrial Manufacturing Company With Consistent Growth

Price:$17,000,000 Revenue$7,200,000 Cashflow$2,800,000 Established Manufacturer in business for more than 30 years, serving general industrial markets and oil and gas production facilities worldwide. Very loyal clients and low attrition. Consistent growth in the last few years with 2023 on track to continue that trend. Two related Subchapter S companies manufacture technically similar products but serve […]