BN000033506 – Engineering and Consulting Firm Providing Custom Test Solutions

Price: nan Revenue: $1,463,000 Cashflow: nan Description: The Company is an engineering consulting firm serving the automotive, aerospace, industrial, and alternative power industries. The Company develops and designs integrated test facilities, technical centers, custom test equipment, and systems for a wide range of industrial needs. The Company’s extensive services include design, equipment procurement, fabrication, project […]

BN000046965 – Digital Agency Focused on Design and Engineering

Price: nan Revenue: $4,784,666 Ebitda: $2,474,966 Description: The Company designs and builds fast, secure, and scalable websites and web applications. Focused on providing the best design, engineering, and service, the Company specializes in composable architecture using modern frameworks, headless content management systems (CMS), and ecommerce. The Company has a client list of Fortune 500 and […]

BN000048972 – OSINT & IT Consulting and Service Provider

Price: nan Revenue: $7,766,467 Ebitda: $862,909 Description: The Company is a consulting and development firm providing open-source intelligence (OSINT) and information technology (IT) service to US federal agencies.   Key Aspects: Average gross profit (GP) margin and adjusted EBITDA margin of 37.1% and 15.5%, respectively, from 2020 through 2023 In-house analysts and consultants work directly […]

BN000028947 – Commercial Roofing Contractor and Sheet Metal Fabricator

Price: nan Revenue: $5,525,019 Ebitda: $1,524,792 Description: The Company is a commercial roofing contractor and sheet metal fabricator. The Company offers thermoplastic polyolefin (T.P.O.) systems as well as sheet metal gutters, downspouts, copings and associated flashings.   Key Aspects: Gross profit margin of 33.7% from 2020 through 2023 Adjusted EBITDA margin of 23.2% from 2020 […]

Rapidly Growing Designer/Builder of Industrial Control Panels

Price: nan Revenue: $5,000,000 Ebitda: $894,000 The Company is a premier one-stop source for the engineering, design and manufacture of custom industrial control panels, cable harnesses and wastewater panels. The Company is a UL-certified control panel shop specializing in contract manufacturing, custom engineered design and build of UL508A-listed custom control panels, in addition to UL […]

Fiberglass Planters and Planter Liner Manufacturer

Price: nan Revenue: $12,400,000 Ebitda: $845,000 Based in Southern California, the Company manufactures fiberglass planters and planter liners for the landscaping industry. Product lines include commercial grade planters and waterproof liners (98% of revenue) as well as site furnishings, receptacles, accessories, and custom fiberglass parts(2%). The Company primarily sells to the landscaping industry (98%) as […]

Manufacturer of Custom Formulated Epoxy Compounds

Price: nan Revenue: $1,117,000 Ebitda: $659,000 The Company specializes in formulating and creating epoxy compounds that meet the specific processing and cured-performance requirements of individual customers across various industries. These include aerospace, electrical devices, electronics, highest-end sporting goods, construction, transportation, and any other industries turning to epoxy-matrixed, carbon-based composites and away from traditional steel end-product. […]

Hair & Skin Care eCommerce Brand | Exclusive, Proprietary Product Line | Mostly Amazon FBA Sales | $30 AOV | Strong Team in Place

Price: $ 500,000 Revenue: $ 2,399,647 Cashflow: $ 206,968 Website Closers® presents an eCommerce Company for Sale in the highly profitable Hair Removal Solutions category. Used by men and women alike, the company has spent a decade building brand reputation as the premier destination for customers looking for top tier waxing products. With a diverse […]

Omnichannel eCommerce Brand | Aluminum Composite Wall Art | 15% Repeat Order Rate | 500+ Designs in Place | 60,000 Monthly Uniques | $130 AOV

Price: $ 1,200,000 Revenue: $ 1,800,366 Cashflow: $ 306,480 Website Closers® presents an eCommerce Brand that offers consumers Custom Metal Art Signs via their branded Website (built on the Shopify Platform),, and All of their Premium Wall Art Designs are exclusively made just for this brand. Their 500+ designs, which are made […]

Software as a Service (SaaS) Platform for Digital Marketing Services | 10 Years Established | Social Engagement, Lead Generation & Management, Email Automation & SEO

Price: $ 1,650,000 Revenue: $ 923,818 Cashflow: $ 417,283 Website Closers® presents a 10-year SaaS Business for sale that specializes in a variety of versatile tools for B2B clients. They provide comprehensive solutions for a range of Digital Marketing needs, including Social Growth and Engagement, Lead Generation, Email Automation, and Marketing Optimization. These tools are […]