Custom Woodwork Manufacturer and Installer – BN000052575

Price: nan Revenue: $8,433,000 Ebitda: $1,385,000 The Company is a manufacturer and installer of custom woodwork for commercial general contractors in Arizona. Custom woodwork items include cabinets, millwork, countertops, furniture, and specialty items. Exceptional reputation earned over four decades of operating as a top millwork company in the state Proven capability to handle a wide […]

S. FL’s Full Service Marketing, Advertising & Public Relations Agency

Price: nan Revenue: $1,900,000 Ebitda: $688,000 Founded in 1993, the business is a full service marketing, public relations and advertising agency. The Company has represented over 30 major clients in the South Florida area. The Company handles strategic communications, advertising, marketing and outreach services for government agencies, large corporations, small businesses, civic groups, non-profits, individuals, […]

SBA Pre-Qualified eCommerce Brand in the Crafting Vertical | Quilt Making Fabrics | Nice YOY Growth Profile | 15,000+ 5 Star Reviews on Etsy | 100,000+ Active Facebook Followers

Price: $ 500,000 Revenue: $ 344,253 Cashflow: $ 140,726 Website Closers® presents a thriving online business now recognized as a notable specialist in unique and attractive Quilt-Making Fabrics. The company enjoyed so much success on Etsy that it was able to expand sales channels to include its own Shopify website. With 10 years of experience […]

eCommerce Brand | Custom Name Stamps Specialized for Apparel | Low Competition | 143,000+ Instagram Followers | $48 AOV

Price: $ 1,400,000 Revenue: $ 4,449,636 Cashflow: $ 506,076 Website Closers® presents an eCommerce brand that has innovatively addressed a common problem that parents of young children face. The standout product, a personalized stamp designed to label clothing or possessions to prevent loss or misplacement, has gained immense popularity. Subsequently, the brand has captivated a […]

MultiBrand Health & Wellness eCommerce Business | 85% Customer Retention | Children’s Liquid Vitamins | Skincare | Acne Treatment | Nutritional Supplements | Healthcare Products

Price: $ 6,300,000 Revenue: $ 4,965,252 Cashflow: $ 1,275,271 Website Closers® presents an eCommerce Company with 5 separate brands marketing a wide array of natural and innovative Health & Wellness Products, an industry that has enjoyed massive growth since the pandemic lockdowns. With five separate brands marketed on Shopify and Amazon, each site has its […]

Italian Shoe eCommerce Brand | Over 70,000 Customers throughout Italy | Super High Growth | 21% Repeat Order Rate

Price: $ 1,000,000 Revenue: $ 2,815,833 Cashflow: $ 462,920 Website Closers® presents an Italian-based eCommerce brand specializing in a distinguished line of Men’s Footwear and Apparel, featuring exclusive items unavailable in other retail outlets. KPIs Setting itself apart from competitors, the brand offers opulent designs at accessible price points. While initially expanding the product range […]

Women’s Apparel Brand in the Convertible Luxury Niche | In-House, Proprietary Designs | Wholesale & eCommerce Sales | $200 AOV | 21% YOY Growth

Price: $ 659,000 Revenue: $ 485,238 Cashflow: $ 160,924 Website Closers® presents an eCommerce Brand enjoying 21% YoY growth and operating in the Luxury Women’s Clothing category, with proprietary inhouse designs that include 70 styles to choose from among 200+ SKUs. The company has a growing reputation in this industry due to, among other things, […]

25 Year eCommerce Brand in the Fine Jewelry Space – Amazon, Website & Wholesale Channels – Proprietary Products – $2M of Inventory Included in Sale

Price: $ 4,600,000 Revenue: $ 7,066,790 Cashflow: $ 2,295,341 Website Closers® presents a golden opportunity to purchase a well-established, highly stable 25-year-old eCommerce Brand in the widely popular Fine Jewelry Vertical. Originally built in 1987, and with an online presence started in 1998, the owner has understood the importance of and incorporated a streamlined approach […]