Crowdfunding and Product Launch Agency for sale




The company’s area of expertise is assisting businesses with creating and managing effective crowdsourcing campaigns. The company is a specialist in being a Crowdfunding Agency, Product Launch Marketing Firm, Product Launch Marketing Agency, Startup Product Launch Marketing Firm, and a Hardware Startup Launch Marketing Platform. From lead generation, user acquisition, and brand awareness to crowdfunding, product launches, and market expansion, the company draws on its broad range of skills and tried-and-true growth success formula to plan effective marketing campaigns that get results.
The Agency is a leader in the product launch space offering a full vertical suite of services from videography to design & branding to lead generation to market launch to retail and e-commerce. With a full spectrum of services to retain startup clients in early growth stages. The Agency has a strong brand and powerful relationship with the top 2 launch platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo to catapult a new brand or product into the marketplace.
The business is a motivated group of marketing creatives, social strategists, and media mavericks that enjoys assisting forward-thinking businesses to introduce their goods and services to the public. The company also aspires to assemble all the assets, marketing know-how, strong media connections, and strategic partners required for customers to be successful. With a broad range of integrated PR & Marketing services and in-depth familiarity with the crowdfunding industry, the company has led its clients into the future of crowdfunding and e-commerce by focusing on the investment and development of innovative crowdfunding tools, continual optimization of its crowdfunding marketing strategy and new partnerships to expedite manufacturing, shipping, reduce retail cost and more.
In 2020, the business was created after an organizational restructuring of its previous company, which launched in 2010 and was the first crowdfunding and product launch agency in history. It has since taken the lead in the crowdfunding market, particularly on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. After more than a decade, the business is still delighted to provide each and every one of its esteemed clients with top-notch campaign services through its new company and has launched more than 500 consumer hardware items from clients globally using data-driven media buys. The company has developed a complete, end-to-end solution to assist clients worldwide with planning and carrying out product launch campaigns.

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