Custom Merchandise – Entertainment, Hospitality Industry




Custom Merchandise – Entertainment, Hospitality & Theme Park Industries

The company was established in 1995 with the mission to bring the best quality products with amazing graphics to your attraction. The company has developed longstanding relationships with manufacturing partners largely in China. They pride themselves on great customer service, art design, fair pricing, and expeditious turnaround times. The experienced and long tenured team has been creating custom merchandise programs for Amusement Parks, National and State Parks, Zoos & Aquarium’s, Airports and Hotel Chains, Special Events and other retail markets.

500-600 well-known customers order every year but no one customer represents more than 4% of annual sales and the top 10 represent less than 28% of annual sales.

The team is comprised of 9 active tenured W2 members, including operations and sales management. All enjoy company paid health insurance and retirement benefits. 3 entry level new hires pending due to recent churn.

The company carries very little inventory as all products are custom designed. Orders are placed with P.O.’s and the factories are then engaged. The products are shipped into the warehouse and packaged based upon the order before being delivered to the customer. Mixed Use office/warehouse facility is an ample 7,688 square foot space renting “all in” for $9,157 monthly. Annual term with 1st option of current lease exercised April 2023.

The seller who founded the company retired and has been absentee for over 6 years though she is more involved last month or so in preparation for pending sale.

The company typically generates around $6.5M/$6.6M in gross sales but the industry got hit hard during COVID. It came back very strong with slightly above average sales in 2022 but is expected to level off a little in 2023 with minimal impact to EBITDA. AR and appropriate WC will transfer with the business. Good books and records, CPA reviewed.

2022 Gross Sales: $7,113,092.22. Adjusted EBITDA over $1,2M and SDE of $1,6M+. Price: $4,500,000.

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