Direct Mortgage Lender with High Return Portfolio

Price: $3,000,000

Revenue: $279,943

Cashflow: $335,422

Founded in the year 2003, this prominent direct mortgage lender located in South Broward, Florida. The investment in this venture promises an immediate return of over 8%, and the current proprietors are committed to remaining at the helm for as long as necessary to ensure a successful transition of this acquisition.This
opportunity presents itself as a seamless transition, as the Buyer will be
meticulously trained in every facet of mortgage lending. This comprehensive
training encompasses a deep understanding of mortgage laws, adept collections
strategies, proficient origination techniques, strategic advertising, and
meticulous accounting practices. Armed with this knowledge, the Buyer is poised
to not only sustain but also magnify the growth and prosperity of this
enterprise can be adeptly managed by a sole individual, effortlessly steering
its course. Subsequently, after acquiring the requisite training, the option
remains open to augment production by introducing additional loan officers,
contingent upon the ambitions of the new proprietor. This represents a great opportunity for an entrepreneur, one who not only
yearns to witness their investments flourish with a rewarding return but also
embraces an active role in shaping its future prosperity.

Link to deal: here

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