Established Dry Clean Franchise W/ 4 Locations




Available for sale is a dry clean franchise opportunity with 4 locations. This franchise has been around since 1957 and is a nationally known brand. For an in-experienced buyer that has considered entering the dry clean industry, this is a great opportunity to enter the industry while have strong support and guidance. They’ve done the work to build the brand and come up with a proven business model which will allow you not to have to start from scratch.

The current owners bought this business as a partnership in 2003, but in 2005 completely bought out their partners and have owned the business 100% since 2005. They started with an acquisition of one dry clean drop station and one dry clean plant. Currently, the plant is fully equipped with two Union HX15 dry clean machines which was purchased and installed within the last couple of years. These dry clean machines use the more environmentally friendly solvent which is hydrocarbon. The boiler is a 20HP Fulton and the shirt unit is a unique top of the line model, which has advanced technologies.

Other advanced technology and equipment that you do not normally see in many dry cleaners is automated assembly system. This system is efficient by reducing labor and reducing mistakes.

After 2013 the owners acquired two more drop stations. Business has been great for the 20 years of business but sellers are ready to retire. This is a great operation for someone looking to be more semi-absentee. The business currently has a manager that runs the business which allows the owners to have great flexibility. There is still plenty of growth for the ambitious new owner by adding routes, additional drop stores or focusing on a couple of the other many services.

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