Growing Trucking Company for sale




Trucking company for sale operating out of leased facilities in close proximity to all ports in the Greater NY area. The company enjoys outstanding relationships with shipping freight forwarders built with a customer-centric focus over its history.
Boasting a meteoric growth rate as evidenced by normalized pre-pandemic topline numbers revealing a near 110% surge since 2020 and a staggering bottom-line ascent of over 400%. Ownership identifies many scaling opportunities, including the addition of new freight forwarding customers, the introduction of services such as air cargo pickups (currently, only ocean freight is being hauled), and the implementation and execution of a formal sales/marketing plan.
A loyal staff featuring 25 drivers and 4 office/dispatch personnel, together with a sizable fleet of 20 trucks and 57 trailer chassis, completes this turnkey opportunity ideal for strategic buyers, platform acquirers, and savvy investors.
Employees: 29

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