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Website Closers® has been exclusively engaged to represent an advisory and consulting technology firm that delivers a variety of IT Consulting and diverse B2B Enterprise Software solutions to Fortune 500 companies, municipalities, and private organizations. As a Technology Advisor generalist, this agency takes a broader approach to client representation by working to customize its offerings to each client to ensure that it is building solutions that overcome the modern challenges faced by its clients.
About the Agency
This business offers a range of services for various software technologies, catering to the needs of clients of all sizes and types. Its specialized services include Dynamics 365 CE, BI and PowerBI, Azure migration services, O365, AI with Azure ML, IoT, and Azure DevOps/QA services. By leveraging its extensive industry knowledge and providing robust consulting and support, this company facilitates digital transformation for its customers through process automation solutions.
Management’s philosophy revolves around using their own products and services and automating internal processes and operations just as they do for their clients. The invoicing process is entirely automated, and managers can easily review all financial metrics through dashboards, eliminating the need for manual tasks. Additionally, a leadership team meeting takes place monthly to assess processes and address ongoing issues, with each practice having a designated leader responsible for achieving practice goals.
The annual recurring revenue base has been steadily increasing, with a portfolio of ten core services and an active client base of 110, including 35 new clients acquired within the past year. Management has been re-investing profits into growth and expansion to meet the demand for new technologies such as AI and IoT.
The business is a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner and Certified Oracle NetSuite Solutions Partner, perfectly positioned to capitalize on the explosive AI trends. They are also a recent Partner Award Program Winner with Microsoft, which acknowledges outstanding successes and innovations by partners across the Global Microsoft ecosystem – recognizing achievement in categories spanning solutions areas, industries and across cloud to edge technologies.
Human Capital
With over 100 staff members globally, covering marketing, sales, finance, administration, human resources, and consulting departments, the company has a full team to implement the daily operation flow.
The owner maintains a strong focus on key areas:
Sales & Marketing
Lead generation is achieved through various strategies, including a robust SEO campaign, PPC advertisements, webinars, email outreach campaigns, event sponsorships, LinkedIn, and referrals. Successful lead generation and excellent service have resulted in numerous long-term contracts amounting to millions of dollars annually.
The company rarely engages in one-time service contracts, as each project requires ongoing support, and contracts are offered to handle the continuous work. In addition to services, the company also sells product licenses and some packaged products.
The customer base continues to expand, with 110 active clients, including 35 acquired within the past year. As a 5-year-old company, it possesses immense growth potential. Its strategic setup is perfectly designed for development, as the owner has prioritized building the organization and bringing in leadership over the past two years, which required temporary sacrifices in profitability but sets the stage for significant future growth.
The company’s customer base is concentrated in North America, and its marketing efforts are primarily directed towards this region. From an industry perspective, the business focuses on serving the manufacturing, life sciences, architecture, engineering, and construction sectors.
Given its presence in both the SMB and Enterprise spaces, the customer profiles vary depending on the type of service required. For instance, the company primarily serves small and midsize businesses when providing NetSuite consulting services, as NetSuite is specifically designed for the SMB industry. Conversely, Dynamics 365 CE caters to the Enterprise space, attracting prominent customers such as leading energy producers, major med-device manufacturers, and renowned golf manufacturers.
A notable advantage of this business is its minimal sales seasonality, ensuring smooth operations and cash flow management. The company has refined and streamlined its procedures to the highest degree.
Scale Opportunities
Opportunities for growth vary across services. The Dynamics 365 CE practice has enabled the company to establish itself as a leader, securing prestigious awards, including recognition from Microsoft. The strategy is to leverage this positive reputation to generate more sales opportunities through referrals from Microsoft and other partners. NetSuite, on the other hand, continues to experience growth, and plans are underway to sell more licenses and support services for this platform.
The business has benefited from operating in a rapidly expanding industry with high demand, offering diverse solutions. The ERP software market was valued at nearly $55 billion in 2022, with projections indicating strong growth for years to come.

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