Industry Leading LED Solutions Provider with Proprietary Automation Software System BN000046327




The company is an industry leader in providing sustainable technology solutions to customers that maximize energy savings, eliminate ongoing maintenance and provides intelligent data to assist key decision making to a variety of industries. Alongside its main LED and EV charging solutions offering, the company has co-developed a proprietary software system engineered to provide clients with central control monitoring and data reporting.

Key Aspects

The company is an early adopter in the industry, positioning itself as pioneer in the development of energy solutions that maximize utility savings for clients
Diverse and robust portfolio of renewable energy solutions available, which contribute to sustainable and clean energy
The company has demonstrated the ability to scale its operations effectively, enhancing its potential for growth and expansion in new markets
The company has consistently delivered strong financial performance, with solid revenue growth, profitability, and positive cash flow generation
The company has well positioned itself to be a key provider of EV charging systems by strategically partnering with industry leaders


Capitalize on the company’s in-depth technological expertise in the renewable energy sector, which provides a competitive edge and potential synergies for the acquiring company
Opportunity to capitalize on the proprietary technologies developed by the company that optimize energy production, storage, and distribution
Potential to leverage a strong brand reputation and the company’s positive brand image to enhance market position and support future growth
Opportunity to be a leading force in the gold rush of EV charging infrastructure rollout



Current Markets

The company serves a variety of industries including education, entertainment, hospitality, residential, retail, and manufacturing.

Real Estate

The company operates from three facilities amounting to 4,200 sq. ft. All facilities are leased from unrelated third parties. There is room to grow in the current locations which are approximately 70% occupied.

Shareholder Objectives

The company is fully owned by a single shareholder. The owner is seeking to retire and pursue other unrelated business ventures and would be willing to remain with the company to ensure a smooth transition

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