National Producer of Wood Flooring from Old Growth Trees





In operation for over 40 years, this Company is a producer of high quality wood flooring and lumber made from old growth trees that had been lost to river bottoms in the early days of American logging over 100 years ago. The Company was the first reclaimed wood company to produce engineered wood flooring in the US. The Company focuses on manufacturing antique heart pine and heart cypress flooring to be installed in luxury homes and businesses. The Company’s wood flooring is manufactured in the USA and made exclusively of reclaimed logs lost in the 1700’s and 1800’s along American rivers.

The Company has three major divisions of products and services, namely: Wood Flooring and Paneling (74% of 2021 Revenue), Stair Parts and Millwork (19%), and Rough and Surfaced Lumber (7%).


Superior Name and Reputation: The Company enjoys a long-standing reputation for the quality of its products, expertise, dependability, and superior customer support. The Company’s reputation in the industry is the result of offering the highest quality of reclaimed wood and conducting business with a philosophy that is supported by professionals, principals, values, and ethics.

Seamless Transition of Management: The Company’s President is willing to remain through the transition period and would entertain remaining with new management for a longer period of time on a consultancy basis. Additionally, all key employees will be available to remain with new ownership beyond the sale of the Company.

Rising Gross Profit Trend: Throughout the historical period, gross profit increased overall from 42.9% of sales in 2019 to 51.9% of sales by the end of 2021. Apart from a small increase in costs in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Company has been able to efficiently control its cost of sales after high growth, demonstrating its ability to maximize profitability potential.

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