Price: nan

Revenue: $12,000,000

Ebitda: $2,300,000

The Company offers a diverse range of medical products for civilian and military applications nationwide. Certified as a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) and nationally accredited by The Joint Commission’s Home Care Accreditation program, the Company specializes in marketing, training, and distributing advanced medical products to the military, prehospital care and EMS, law enforcement, fire/rescue, Veterans Administration, hospital critical care, and home care.

The Company is known for its advanced oxygen systems in civilian care, offering portable and convenient oxygen solutions for patients with respiratory conditions. These devices enhance mobility and improve the quality of life for individuals requiring oxygen therapy on the go.

For military and battlefield combat casualty care, it offers specialized products tailored to meet the unique challenges military personnel face, including the leading battlefield oxygen system, specialty tourniquets, and other triage and stabilization products. The Company’s product portfolio includes all the top brands and first-to-market FDA-approved products that separate it from its peers.


Federal Funding for Medicare and Medicaid: Federal funding for Medicare and Medicaid, set to increase in 2023, influences access to coverage and the extent of coverage. As federal programs grow alongside private pay and patient pay growth, there is increasing demand for service companies to expand existing operations, particularly in highly-desirable regions such as Florida.

Contracts: In 2021, the Company’s largest 7-year contract expired and troops were pulled from battle zones, leading to a drop in demand for medical supplies. During the same period, the Company was able to secure two new government five-year oxygen contracts beginning in 2022. In addition, management is confident in securing at least two additional contracts with the VA for home oxygen in 2023; these two 5-year contracts are approximately $6.0 million and $3.0 million annually. As of July 2023, the Company has a booked backlog of approximately $7.5 million in revenue under contract and are actively bidding on long-term contract BPAs for other medical products for the VA.

Gross Profit Trend: From 2020 to 2022, gross profit increased from 11.2% of sales to 55.1% and is 62.9% in the first half of 2023. The Company has been able to control its cost of sales while maintaining high growth efficiently and expects to grow income over 20% in 2023.

Growth Opportunities: The Company is expanding by securing additional VA home oxygen and ventilator equipment and services contracts as the VA’s go-to resource. It actively participates in government solicitations, presenting competitive proposals based on its years of home care experience, Joint Commission accreditation, and commitment to serving veterans as an SDVOSB. It is also expanding the product portfolio to drive sales with higher margins items and game-changing technologies.

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