Produce Importer and Distributor

Price: nan

Revenue: $45,700,000

Ebitda: $645,000

Based in Arizona, the Company imports and distributes a wide variety of food produce grown in Mexico. The Company acts as a produce broker (52% of 2022 revenue) and also offers warehousing and shipping services (48%). The Company is well known in the regional market, and has an excellent reputation for the breadth of products offered, customer service, technical knowledge, and the timely delivery of products.

The Company targets wholesale (95% of 2022 revenue) and chain store (5%) market segments. Geographically, the Company provides products to customers located in the Northeast region (70% of 2022 revenue), West Coast (20%), and Central region (10%). The Company maintains a database of approximately 30 active customers, and over 98% of revenue comes from recurring active customer orders.


Management Will Remain through Transition: The owner is willing to stay with the Company during a transition period in order to ensure a seamless transfer of ownership.

Strong Customer Relationships: The Company has strong ties to customers due to its industry expertise, broad product availability, vendor relationships, and excellent customer service. Specifically, the Company’s database includes approximately 30 customers.

Industry Expertise: In addition to the principals’ extensive industry experience, many of the Company’s key employees also have significant market and service knowledge.

Superior Name and Reputation: The Company has a strong reputation for its focus on service, offering reliable expertise, and providing high-quality fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as offering warehousing services.

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