Provider of Turn-key Energy Solutions

Price: nan

Revenue: $3,300,000

Ebitda: $414,000

This outstanding acquisition opportunity is for a full-service provider of turnkey energy solutions. The Company leverages its 20-year history of providing complex automation solutions and end-to-end critical power generation solutions to focus on delivering resilient microgrids, energy storage, and hybrid power generation with comprehensive energy management automation designed for harsh environments.


Superior Name and Reputation:  The Company has a strong reputation for its focus on service, and providing high-quality turnkey power generation, energy management, and automation solutions.

Industry Expertise: In addition to the Company’s executive experience, its key employees also have significant industry and service knowledge. This wealth of experience and expertise provides the Company with a significant intangible asset and advantage over many regional and local competitors.

Quality of Service: The Company has long maintained an outstanding reputation for providing complex energy and power solutions that meet the most demanding customer specifications as well as requirements.

Broad Market Segments: The Company has designed, built and commissioned turn-key projects across many industries and applications for major customers around the globe. The Company intends to further capitalize on these and other strategic market segments during the pro forma period.

Link to deal: here

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