Recycler of Compressed Gas Cylinders




Founded in 2014 and headquartered in Georgia, this Company is a privately-owned recycler of compressed gas cylinders. Their efforts contribute to more than 70 million tons of ferrous scrap metal recycled in the industry annually, supporting commercial customers in the metals recycling, environmental waste management, and recycling industries.

The Company strives to best serve customers while protecting the environment, reducing costs, and ensuring compressed gas compliance. The Company occupies a unique niche in the scrap metal recycling market. They offer onsite processing for a variety of compressed gas cylinders to include: acetylene cylinders, propane tanks, compressed air cylinders, fire extinguishers, refrigerant cylinders, and CO2 tanks.

The Company is trusted by many of America’s largest national metals recycling companies, providing customers with an efficient, legislatively compliant solution for their disposal needs.


High Barriers-to-Entry: To compete in the market, new industry participants would require technical knowledge and strong customer relationships. Many potential customers are wary about new industry players, preferring to utilize services of established firms instead. Without prior involvement in the industry, new entrants would face significant hurdles in developing a meaningful share of industry revenue.

Scalable Operating Expenses: The Company has built an effective organization capable of sustaining projected growth. The Company maintains fixed operating expenditures, and future revenue growth will greatly improve profitability. Any increase in revenue will not result in meaningful changes to projected operating expenses.

Management Will Remain through Transition: The officers are willing to remain through the transition period, and would entertain remaining with new management for a longer period of time on a consultancy basis. Additionally, all key employees will be available to remain with new ownership beyond the sale of the Company.

Strong Management Team: The Company’s management team has a tremendous amount of experience in the recycling industry, experience that has proven invaluable in forging strong relationships with customers.

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