SBA Eligible B2B eCommerce Business in the Refrigerated Display Case Vertical – 80% Repeat Order Rate – Super Sticky Business – 19+ Years in Business

Price: $1,500,000

Revenue: $1,393,780

Cashflow: $517,182

Website Closers® presents an exclusive eCommerce brand specializing in Custom-Built Refrigerated Display Cases tailored for the sushi industry. With a long presence in the market, the company has steadily expanded its operations and sales in the United States, establishing itself as a prominent player in its niche. While initially operating through traditional sales channels, they achieved remarkable results by launching an eCommerce store, making their display cases easily accessible to both the general public and restaurant owners. Notably, the brand enjoys tremendous loyalty from its clients, a significant asset as it contributes to ongoing sales from previous customers and new buyers.
This company has earned a prominent position in the sushi market, aligning with the growing popularity of the cuisine in America. They have cultivated a devoted customer base illustrated by constant repeat purchases, achieve consistent year-over-year growth, and enjoy healthy net margins across the range.
Customers typically consist of sushi chefs and restaurant owners, frequently of Asian descent, aged 35 or older. Despite offering a modest selection of products, they are highly customizable, providing a wide range of options to meet specific customer demands.
The business is government-certified, and the acquisition includes approximately $100,000 worth of inventory and an additional $100,000 in assets, all readily transferable to a buyer. With an AOV of $4,000 and a product lifespan of 5 to 10 years, the company’s reputation for producing high-quality, long-lasting display cases has resulted in an impressive 80% Repeat Purchase Rate.
The owner’s core responsibilities involve administrative tasks and production oversight. The company employs seven staff members: one full-time sales representative, one part-time office assistant, and five full-time production employees. Most of the staff have been with the company for over a decade, so a buyer will gain a well-trained and dependable team to manage operations.
This brand has achieved substantial development without significant investment in paid marketing, benefiting from exceptional organic growth. Accordingly, numerous avenues are available to a buyer to scale the operation further.
Expanding the product range by adding complementary SKUs to their successful sushi display cases offers the opportunity to increase average order values and reach a broader customer base.
Top-line growth can be achieved by ramping up production and making use of a second distribution center.
International expansion is another enticing prospect, as the company can explore new markets abroad with a growing demand for sushi or a shortage of suppliers in their niche.
Another promising method for rapid expansion is implementing aggressive paid advertising campaigns across various channels and social media platforms. The company’s limited competition means that it should achieve a substantial ROAS.
Finally, exploring email marketing as a cost-effective strategy to retain existing customers and attract new ones is worth considering. Building a subscriber list can facilitate targeted campaigns offering exclusive promotions, product updates, and industry insights.
Sushi has evolved from an exotic niche cuisine to a beloved food option in the United States, with a presence in fast food establishments and upscale restaurants alike. As a result, the company is wellpositioned to capitalize on this trend, making it an excellent investment opportunity for a capable buyer.

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