Vertical Managed Service Provider, >85% Client Retention




Full-service media storage solutions firm providing pre-configured hardware appliances and content archiving solutions to the broadcast and media and entertainment industry. The company provides end-to-end multimedia storage technology for digital preservation, empowering its clients’ assets to move seamlessly into disk, tape, and cloud storage from a single point of control.
The company has more than two decades of experience providing broadcasting and post-production companies the media storage solutions that fit their specific needs for data preservation, secure movement, and retention.
The company generated more than $1.3m in revenue in 2022 and has increased its seller discretionary earnings to $465k in 2022 vs $400k in 2021 (~16% increase). Recurring revenue is more than 65% of revenue.
Team: In addition to the company owners, the company employs:
Services and Clients: The company provides a unified storage infrastructure and platform for media assets / digital archives primarily to post-production, news broadcasting, and public broadcasting companies. Products include:
They serve 200+ clients, with 78% of sales being indirect sales via strategic partners and 22% being direct sales. Clients include top broadcast networks. The revenue generation from the top client was ~14% of total revenue in 2022. The company serves clients nationwide.
Competitive Advantages:
Reason For Sale:The owners have decided to change industries and are ready to hand over the business to the right buyer who can take advantage of many growth opportunities in the broadcasting and post-production MSP space.
Training & Support:The owners are willing to assist the buyer entirely during the transition, and they are also willing to work for up to 4 hours/week as President and CFO.

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